April 6


Great News for IT and Telecoms Companies in SA

By Marguerite

April 6, 2022

Due to the pandemic and changing work environment favouring ICT providers and forcing businesses to invest in new IT and telecoms products, South African IT and telecommunications companies are showing strong growth in 2022.

Possibly the most rapidly growing services within the telecommunications industry are VoIP and cloud PBX. Cloud-based PBX provider, Euphoria Telecom’s CEO John Woollam, said their PBX subscriptions have grown, on average, by 30% annually. VoIP provider, Switch Telecom’s director Gregory Massel, said they were doing well before March 2020 but the pandemic and lockdowns has raised their business to a new level.

With cloud infrastructure continuing to grow as companies settle into this new way of doing business, another industry that is seeing exceptional growth, is software development. The demand for mobile apps has accelerated over the last few months and it’s no surprise!

Companies are being forced to adapt to the rapidly changing commercial environment, which requires updates or new software platforms. In fact, there is a lower tolerance of load-shedding, home interruptions during meetings, etc. In other words, remote working is now expected to be professionalised.

Whilst the demand for fibre-to-the-home installations, LTE and 5G, VoIP and cloud PBX continues to grow in an effort to improve staff collaboration and contact-ability, they’ve also proven to be costly and not as effective or as reliable as hoped for.

MobiNET Mobile PBX

MobiNET has the solution. Instead of relying on expensive data, we’ve used the same network that Emergency Services use to ensure your team is connected, no matter how far they are off the beaten track. Just one tap of a button connects you to your team (for free). Transfer incoming calls to mobile staff just like you would from an office switchboard.

Whether at home, at the office or on the road in the remotest of areas, stay connected and “work from phone”…

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